Supply Chain Management / Logistics
Companies looking to save time, money and resources have chosen PQD as a single point of contact for sourcing, warehousing and logistics facilitation as well as design and manufacturing. This allows your company the time to focus on its core business while benefiting from PQD's experience.
Once produced, PQD's logistical department will ship your products into the United States and manage the import and customs processes. The orders are packaged to your specifications and shipped directly to your dock from China or warehoused by PQD for just-in-time delivery.
Do you have a product to sell into China? PQD possesses the license to import and distribute products in China and will partner with your company to establish a manufacturing presence and move your products into this lucrative market.
  • Import & Export Facilitation
  • Distribution in China & Asia Markets
  • Warehousing
  • Just-in-time Delivery
  • Sourcing

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