Product Development and Prototyping
Attention all inventors, small manufacturers or any person or company with an idea for a commercial or retail product – developing your idea into a product doesn't have to be difficult. Let PQD be your one-stop guide and source for industrial or electronic design, rapid prototyping, from manufacturing through sales, marketing and distribution.

Experienced in a variety of manufacturing processes, PQD will help you develop your idea into a functional prototype to meet your requirements and test outcomes before a mass production.

Focus on function is critical, and when coupled with appealing product aesthetics and human factors, many products may surpass practicality and become sought-after. Our team can develop products at any level of detail you require.

PQD Advantages:

IP Protection – PQD protects intellectual property by dividing the manufacturing of individual components among several sources, none of which has the complete details. Final products are assembled in PQD's own plant governed under U.S. laws, alleviating fears of intellectual property loss.

Quality Control & Quality Assurance – PQD's production partners in China have been chosen for their commitment to quality and manufacturing performance as well as, technical expertise. Many ISO or TS16949-certified sources are used in the manufacturing process. Quality is checked in-process and final product is inspected before being shipped.

Entering The China Market – PQD possesses the license required to import and distribute products in China and will partner with your company to establish a manufacturing presence and move your products into this lucrative market.

Cost Reduction – Mastering the intricacies of manufacturing in China boosts profit and return on capital, but the learning curve is steep. Working with PQD provides all the ease and methodological benefits of working with a U.S.-based company while reaping the economic benefits of manufacturing in China.

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