Benefits of Contracting with PQD
PQD International is your complete global manufacturing solution specializing in total quality control, intellectual property protection, selling into China, cost-effective production and world-class customer service.

quality control & quality assurance
Our production partners in China have been chosen for their commitment to quality and manufacturing performance as well as technical expertise. Many ISO or TS16949-certified sources are used in the manufacturing process. Even so, PQD's quality control team in China is vigilant in inspections, audits and product testing. Quality is checked in-process and final product is inspected before being shipped.

Quality assurance is the backbone of our services. More than half of our staff is dedicated to monitoring the quality of the products that we source. Our engineers supervise test runs during the tooling phase of a project. Before out-of-tool samples are presented to our customers, we routinely review and check dimensions, perform chemical composition analysis and conduct physical property tests to make certain that the products conform to drawings and specifications.

Mass production begins only after samples have been approved by our customers. When the size of a project warrants, we have our own engineers stationed at manufacturing sites for daily in-process quality control. A final inspection is a must before we release any product out of our manufacturing sites.

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Cost Reduction
Mastering the intricacies of manufacturing in China boosts profit and return on capital, but the learning curve is steep. Working with PQD provides all the ease and methodological benefits of working with a U.S.-based company while reaping the economic benefits of manufacturing in China.

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One-Stop Solution
One call to PQD can end your search for a production partner whether you're developing a new product, need another supplier for an existing part or want to enter the China market with your product. PQD has the professional project manufacturing and management resources that lead to results. We understand the importance of execution; and that delivering your project on time, on budget, and with superior quality are the factors that determine the success of your business and separate you from your competition.

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Selling into CHINA
China's surging demand for all types of merchandise has created a windfall for U.S. companies selling products into the country. Most companies need a partner in this enterprise as regulations are strict, a license is required and customs vary greatly. PQD is dedicated to providing pragmatic and sustainable solutions to the ever-changing China business environment. We possess the license to import and distribute products in China and will partner with your company to establish a manufacturing presence and move your products into this lucrative market.

Benefits of working with PQD:

  • One-stop for design, production, marketing and distibution in China
  • Familiarity with China's purchasing requirements and legalities
  • PQD helps conduct due diligence on Chinese buyer
  • Consultation on product modifications for the China market

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Intellectual Property (IP) Protection
Many companies are concerned about the confidentiality of their products and processes when manufacturing in China. Safeguards are not iron clad and the differences in language and customs can be a deterrent, even though the cost of production is often much less than manufacturing in the U.S.

PQD has solved this problem and protects intellectual properties by dividing the manufacturing among several sources, none of which has the complete details. Products are assembled in PQD's own plant governed under U.S. laws, alleviating fears of intellectual property loss. Internal controls such as non-disclosure agreements and education are also part of our protection system.

PQD will also consult on filing copyrights, patents, and trademarks in China.

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